This sector does not have to be the Wild West.
We provide investors with an easy access point to the high-quality cryptocurrencies and infrastructure projects shaping the future of finance.

We provide investors with a single and straightforward way to gain exposure to cryptocurrency and DeFi investments.

  • As the DeFi industry rapidly expands, it is becoming increasingly complicated to identify the most promising projects and investment opportunities. In the last year alone, from Aug 2020 to Aug 2021, the market cap of the industry jumped from $300 billion to over $1.5 trillion, with the total number of cryptocurrencies doubling from 3,000 to over 6,000.
  • To capitalize on this growth and limit downside risk, CkSum follows a multi-stage investment process which includes identifying key, long-term industry trends, picking the best currencies, protocols and companies within those trends, and leveraging our holdings to generate increased returns through low-risk, high-yield staking and lending opportunities.
Crypto Investment Universe
The crypto industry can be broken into three layers:

Cryptocurrencies (Settlement Base Layer)

  • Cryptocurrencies used for storing value and settling financial transactions. These base layer digital currencies enforce scarcity and indestructibility through public, decentralized ledgers.
  • E.g., Bitcoin other limited-supply, highly-secure coins.

Platforms for DeFi (Compute Layer)

  • Computing and protocol layer for running software and DeFi apps across a decentralized network of computers.
  • E.g., Ethereum, Algorand, Polkadot, etc.

DeFi Apps & Companies (App Verticals)

  • Applications and companies that fulfill mainstream, long-term use cases within the financial services industry and broader economy.
  • E.g., Exchanges, lending and liquidity providers, custodianship, insurance products, publishing platforms, etc.
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Target Portfolio

We seek to deliver outsized returns through thoughtful portfolio construction and exposure to hard-to-access opportunities.

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