Cryptocurrencies and the underlying DeFi technology are disintermediating financial services and changing society.

Traditional finance is poised for disruption.

Cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance will replace traditional financial products and ecosystems, as well as improve the functionality, accessibility and efficiency of business and government.

  • Cryptocurrencies provide a system of money where transactions are recorded on an incorruptible ledger that relies not on the authority of banks or governments, but on a public, permissionless network.
  • DeFi makes financial services such as borrowing, lending and trading more transparent, easier to use and cheaper than equivalent services offered by traditional finance and banking.
The evolution of money

An investment in cryptocurrency and DeFi is a hedge against financial or governmental crises.

Cryptocurrencies, by nature of being preserved on decentralized networks, store value independently of governments or banks, and can’t be inflated by bureaucrats.

Cryptocurrency assets offer protection against banking crises, currency collapses and governmental instability. While the US and most of Europe are lucky to have secure governments and stable local currencies, many citizens across the world fear for the preservation of their assets. As a result, many are flooding into cryptocurrencies to secure their wealth and future. This trend is unlikely to change.