May 2021: Successful Launch

June 21, 2021

After months of strategic preparation, we have launched our initial Fund, the CkSum Select Fund I (the “Fund”) and posted our first NAV for April. The management team would like to welcome and thank our inaugural investors.

In accordance with the Fund’s investment strategy, we deployed capital early in the month with Richard Sparrow as our Chief Investment Officer (“CIO”) leading the way. The Fund returned 6.28% for the month. Bitcoin (“BTC”) was down approximately 3% for the month. With the Fund’s investment strategy weighted toward large cap digital assets including BTC, the CIO was pleased with the Fund’s return profile.

Investors and potential investors can schedule a call with Mr. Sparrow to discuss the Fund’s specific allocation and strategy to gain insights on how our allocation returned a positive return, despite BTC being down for the month.

That being said, the digital asset class continues to experience volatility. Investors should understand that volatility, in the short term, will continue and take a forward-looking long-term view of the digital asset class. Again, the CkSum team would like to thank all who have made the launch possible. We are excited to be able to bring a disciplined and professional investment approach to the digital asset space.

James Dougal, CEO