If you believe in the future of Crypto and DeFi, we provide the solution.
CkSum invests in a well-researched, diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, including hard-to-access early-stage companies and difficult to manage high-yield staking opportunities.

You have not missed the boat – the revolution has only just begun.

CkSum Capital is an independent asset manager specializing in cryptocurrencies and DeFi technology. We offer access to the underlying infrastructure investment opportunities which are changing the fabric of society and disrupting the financial ecosystem.

  • A secure, understandable and less volatile access point into this lucrative, high-potential asset class.
  • A comprehensible fund structure that eliminates the difficulty associated with cryptocurrency investing.


  • Investors lack the technical expertise and industry knowledge to determine which emerging cryptocurrencies and DeFi platforms to invest in.
  • Transactions are difficult to access and manage, with the risk of losing private keys and access to wallets.
  • Often, the highest-yield investment opportunities aren’t available to the public, either due to private funding rounds or high capital requirements.


  • CkSum Capital offers investors easy access to investment opportunities in the industry, including cryptocurrencies, DeFi and supporting infrastructure.
  • Investors don’t need to worry about missing the winners or sorting the real opportunities from the noise, as CkSum Capital’s team offers diversified exposure to the most compelling opportunities and sectors.
  • CkSum Capital’s fund structure simplifies the investing process and provides economies of scale to target outsized returns for investors.